Errar é humano

“The US President had just begun proposing a toast to the Queen when the orchestra accidentally struck up God Save The Queen.
However, rather than pause and continue the speech after the music had stopped, Mr Obama pressed on only to be rebuffed when he raised his glass to her.
The Queen did not seem to take offence at the mishap and appeared to stifle an embarrassed smile.
Protocol demands that people stand to attention when the national anthem is played.
Seated between the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall for the white tie function, Mr Obama got to his feet and addressed the guests saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast.
“To Her Majesty the Queen.”
Mistakenly believing that was their cue, the orchestra of the Scots Guard began playing the national anthem.
Mr Obama continued: “For the vitality of the special relationship between our peoples and in the words of Shakespeare to ‘this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England’.”
Raising his glass, halfway through the anthem, he concluded “to the Queen”, but seemed baffled when she did not respond.
Looking around sheepishly at the rows of guests stood in silence, Mr Obama placed his glass back on the table and clasped his hands until the band had finished.
He then repeated the gesture to the Queen, who smiled again, as she finally raised her own glass to the President.
Numerous US news websites poked fun at the President over the gaffe.”
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Tem certas horas em que perceber que “herrar eh umano” serve de alento para tentar mais uma vez. Apesar do furo, Obama ( e a Rainha) souberam superar o erro juntos.

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